Eden Chen

Facebook Messenger: The Next App Store?

Eden Chen April 12, 2016

Facebook Messenger: The Next App Store?

Facebook’s secret march madness basketball game has given us a sneak peak into how dynamic messaging can be as a platform. Messaging has been touted by VC’s as the next big thing, and Slack recently raised a large round at a $4 billion valuation.

The messenger game (if you haven’t checked it out yet here’s how you unlock it) shows how messaging has all the elements of a future game distribution platform. The competitive aspects needed in a social distribution platform, the viral effects that naturally occur in a messaging platform, and the quirkiness of being able to enter the game through secret methods.

The basketball game reminded me a lot of a combination of the primitive early iPhone games (the bathroom games, the office trash bin game) and the annoying early Facebook games that spurred a generation of annoying Zynga games (FarmVille).

It will be interesting to see when (not if) Facebook opens up the developer platform to allow game development and other more dynamic applications outside of the current limited messaging apps and how the user experience / discovery will work such that we aren’t flooded with spam like we were when Facebook games was a thing.

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