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Thoughts On Instagram Copying Snapchat…

Eden Chen August 03, 2016

Thoughts On Instagram Copying Snapchat…

Instagram Stories was announced yesterday and there was no shame in copying the exact name from where it was taken – Snapchat Stories. Copying has always existed in the valley… Periscope copying Meerkat, Facebook copying Twitter hashtags, Linkedin copying Facebook news feed, etc. But the admission of the copying is totally new and I LOVE IT, thank you Kevin Systrom!!

The reality is that when we do product design and development for any company we are ALL thinking about the leaders in the space, what they do, and what we can take from their apps and apply to our apps. It’s honestly shocking that it took Instagram this long to copy Snapchat stories, it’s a natural progression for Instagram. I think how this will affect Snapchat is a fascinating question though, as this is in my opinion, the first time Snapchat has really faced any legitimate threats. Evan and the Snapchat team have clearly been the best product designers and trendsetters in tech over the last few years and haven’t really made any mistakes yet and no matter what people say, this is a real threat, in the same way that Instagram video was a threat to Viddy.

But in some ways, I kind of wonder if this was more of a response to Snapchat’s Memories that was recently announced. Snapchat makes a statement that people do want some kind of lasting portfolio, whereas Instagram’s move shows that people are tired of creating portfolios and want to share quick, and temporary bits of information. I guess it doesn’t really matter whether one is going backwards or the other is going backwards, these two companies have clearly entered each other’s turf.

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