Eden Chen


Eden Chen December 29, 2018

The amount of change and progression in a baby is so rapid. Every day, we look for changes in Talitha. One day her skin will be a hot mess and the next day it’ll clear up. The day after her first surgery, her wound had completely healed. She’ll do at least one new thing every day if we’re looking for it.

I’m blown away with how much we care about firsts. The first time Talitha slept through the night. The first time Talitha cooed. For me, there’s getting our first software sale with Sonar. Or the first time someone ever hired Fishermen Labs to do something. Each first, is so much more meaningful and difficult than seconds and thirds.

The first time I became Christian, there was a raw passion that isn’t there in the same way today. There’s some unsustainability when it comes to excitement for firsts, in other words, the first time we fall in love, there may not be depth behind that, it could be just physical attraction and infatuation but there is something unique about that first.

I’d like to combine that depth of knowledge with that excitement and astute observation that comes with looking for firsts. One of my life goals has always been to be observant: look for problems, look for beauty, and look for lessons. We as humans tend to become discontent over time, and so each additional event tends to be less and less meaningful. We should still experience wonder when we eat a banana, or take a flight. How is it that a banana naturally just has this crazy texture or how is it possible that I’m floating 40,000 feet in the air in a vessel that is 800,000 pounds? I’m hoping to approach more of life with the wonder of “the first time”.

God is good,


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