Eden Chen

Happy 1st Birthday Talitha Cumi Chen!

Eden Chen September 01, 2019

Happy birthday Talitha Cumi Chen! You are the perfect daughter for me. You came out of the womb with an attitude with your eyebrow dimple, your hair shoots straight into the sky, you’re slower than the rest of the kiddos just like me, you’re chill with most things but when you want something you’re locked in and can’t be distracted, you love your sleep, you’re musical (you can make complex noises with your mouth and you’re always listening for sounds), and you have the cutest cheeks. You smile at mostly everyone except me and mommy teaching me how to have unconditional love, like the way Jesus loves me. You’re always teaching me lessons about the way God the father loves me. Can’t wait for you to say your first word and to watch you continue growing into a beautiful woman. So honored to be your dad!

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