Eden Chen


Why You Should Outsource Your Startup

Why You Should Outsource Your Startup After reading Joel Gascoigne’s article, thought I’d respond with some counter points. I agree with most of what Joel says, I just don’t think it paints the full picture. I must add the caveat that I run an agency that makes money by doing exactly what he says startups shouldn’t […]

December Sat, 2016

Haha cvs/ppf!!! Miss you brother, on the west coast where there’s no tau phi 🙁

August Thu, 2016

The Death of College

The Death of College From Richard Linklater’s new movie “Everybody Wants Some” My partners and I are kicking off a school in November because we think the college model is broken. Students rack up debt studying a subject they aren’t sure that they’ll like. They major in something and find out later that they hate it. They’ve […]

August Thu, 2016

Thoughts On Instagram Copying Snapchat…

Thoughts On Instagram Copying Snapchat… Instagram Stories was announced yesterday and there was no shame in copying the exact name from where it was taken – Snapchat Stories. Copying has always existed in the valley… Periscope copying Meerkat, Facebook copying Twitter hashtags, Linkedin copying Facebook news feed, etc. But the admission of the copying is […]

August Wed, 2016

It is Hard to Think Long Term

It is Hard to Think Long Term We do an offsite work trip every year where we work (a bunch of our team is remote), have fun, and travel together (it’s been said that there’s no better way to know someone outside of traveling with them). This year we are off to New Zealand. In order […]

August Tue, 2016

Facebook Messenger: The Next App Store?

Facebook Messenger: The Next App Store? Facebook’s secret march madness basketball game has given us a sneak peak into how dynamic messaging can be as a platform. Messaging has been touted by VC’s as the next big thing, and Slack recently raised a large round at a $4 billion valuation. The messenger game (if you haven’t […]

April Tue, 2016

The Most Depressing Post of the Year

The Most Depressing Post of the Year Sometimes it’s good to be sad My wife finished reading When Breath Becomes Air on a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer and quickly passed away in his early 40s. This is shortly after we both finished reading Peter Barton’s book Not Fade Away also on a business mogul who […]

March Sun, 2016

Reflections on 2015

Reflections on 2015 1000% business growth, heroism in South Central, crazy escapades in Europe, and the realization that it’ll never be enough As silly as it sounds, every year since 2012, I’ve noted a general theme that has marked each year before the year began. I’ve noticed that years can have their own personalities and mini stories, […]

January Sun, 2016